Pres. Eddie Penny

City Council President

Eddie Penny is the presiding officer of the Fairfield City Council and as the elected “at large” member, he is a legislative conduit for all six districts in the city of Fairfield, a class 6 municipality.

President Penny presides over City Council Meetings which are held every first and third Monday at 7:00pm at Fairfield City Hall.

President Penny extends the platform for citizens, officials and any other member of the general public to relay their concerns to the governmental body, while ensuring they are properly channeled through administration. He is observant of parliamentary procedure, and insightful to those who wish to partake in the functions of the Mayor-Council form of government in an orderly fashion.

It is President Penny’s duty to commission the Council to evaluate effective methods of providing comprehensive resolutions to the city’s problems. He designates Council Committees to study existing ordinances, resolutions, policies and when necessary, creation of new policy may be required. To boost morale, the visibility of leadership and community awareness, President Penny often attends District Neighborhood Association Meetings. He is deeply vested in encouraging citizen participation.

Retired from Jefferson County Board of Education, highly knowledgeable on workforce development, and as a former Fairfield Board of Education member, President Penny is focused on advancing initiatives that promote retention. It remains a concern of his, that the youth of this community be equipped with a quality education and empowered with economic options upon graduation. He hopes to inspire the student population to become degree seekers on the bachelors, masters and even doctorate levels to which are all offered here in this great city. President Penny also wants the city of Fairfield to be a safe environment for the collegiate base, the corporate and blue collar working class and their families. He took office to make it perceptible for Fairfield to have a growing economy again, conducive to job placement and security, trade acquisition, entrepreneurship and all the facets of free enterprise.

In his capacity as an elected official, President Penny is prioritizing restoration of the city’s finances, and will continue to work closely with the Mayor and the Budget & Finance Committee to make informed decisions regarding the expenditures necessary to disburse viable city services. As your Council President, he will ensure that there is an opportunity for every voice to be heard and the legislative actions speak to the expressed concerns.