Fairfield was founded in 1910. The city is located in western Jefferson County. It is a town rich in tradition, pride and Southern hospitality. Residents of the City enjoy the benefits of living in a large metropolitan area, while at the same time value the friendly, small town atmosphere. Fairfield residents can vacation close to home in Alabama's twenty-three state resort parks. Fairfield is home to a historically black college Miles College, which was founded in 1898.

In the year 1913, Dr. Lloyd Noland, a chief surgeon, came to three year-old Fairfield. Dr. Noland was hired by the president of Tennessee Coal & Iron Company(TCI) to keep diseases under control. To do this, he established astounding healthcare system, which helped Fairfield’s citizens combat epidemics of malaria, yellow fever, smallpox, and typhoid fever. Because of he helped TCI employees, a hospital was built in his honor.

In 1939, a meningitis epidemic occurred. When other hospitals refused to accept victims, Dr. Lloyd Noland immediately accepted victims and had once again controlled a hazardous disease. Dr. Noland helped his hospital reach many other milestones besides disease control. Lloyd Noland Hospital was Alabama’s first hospital to install radium and X-ray facilities to treat cancer patients. It was also the first to install electrotherapy, use caudal anesthesia for childbirth, employ a full-time anesthesiologist. This hospital was constantly developing new technology to help others in the community.

Besides being a treatment hospital, Lloyd Noland Hospital was one of Alabama’s first teaching hospitals. The hospital has had over 675 students receive their medical education at this institution. To give more authorized training, the Lloyd Noland Hospital School of Medical Technology was opened in 1947. This program hosts more than 750 graduates. For 65 years, Lloyd Noland Hospital has continuously helped Fairfield, and they have shown the standard in medical excellence.