Getting Started

Step 1: Business Overview Submission

A business overview should be submitted containing information regarding the nature of potential business, address, hours of operation, and other pertinent information as needed.

Step 2: Zoning Check

The Director of Economic Development will check for correct zoning for this type business as PERMITTED USE.

Step 3: Special Exception

If this type business is listed as a Special Exception, Board of Adjustments approval will be required and a meeting will be set up for a $50.00 application fee.

Step 4: Walk Through Inspection

The Building Inspector will perform a walk through inspection to access work to be done to bring building up to proper code and for this type use. A letter of permission is required from the property owner for inspections to occur.

Step 5: Fire Safety Inspection

Fire Marshal or Fire Chief will perform a Fire Safety inspection to bring everything up to proper code depending on the use of this building.

Step 6: Security Plan

For certain businesses, a security plan will be required to outline security details of the business.

Step 7: Restoring Power

If the building is an existing structure, and power has been disconnected, you will need to contact the City for instructions regarding restoring power.

Step 8: Inspection Reports

Building Inspector/Fire Marshall inspection reports will be given to: Owner/tenant, Building Department, Fire Department and Economic Development Department. 

Step 9: New Construction

If a new building is constructed, two set of architectural drawings, plans, and other documentation that will help our inspector in the review process must be submitted.

Step 10: Building Plan Approval

If the building plans are approved, building permits and license will be purchased. All work requires a licensed contractor with signed contract. Building plans will be kept in the Building Department. Sets will also be given to the Building Inspector and Fire Department.

Step 11: Renovation Inspection

Each phase of the renovation must be inspected to make certain that all work conforms to the 2009 International Building Codes. The contractor performing the work must request the inspection at least 24-48 hours and be present. All work will be checked by the Building Department and Fire Department.

Step 12: Final Work Approval

After the final work approval from the Building and Fire Departments, Certificate of Occupancy will be issued by the Building Department showing work has been completed and meets the building and safety standards of our City.

Step 13: Signage Submission

Drawings for signage placed on or at business must be submitted to Building Department and approved by Building Inspector.

Step 14: Business License Issued

A business license will be issued to operate as a new business. In order to receive a business license these requirements must be met:

  • Proof of ownership or a valid lease must be submitted to the Building Department
  • If the property is leased, please provide a copy of signed lease
  • If this property is leased, owner needs to submit a letter to the building Department giving permission for tenant to operate this type of business
Step 15: Waste Services

Please contact the City regarding solid waste services

Step 16: New Business Welcome