Coun. Willie Hardley

Fairfield City Council - District Six

Councilman Willie Hardley represents District Six, the Glen Oaks and Cambridge Community. He serves as Chairman of the Public Safety Committee and as a member of the Health, Education, Welfare & Human Resource Committee and also the Streets, Sanitation, Transportation, Drainage & Utilities Committee.

In addition to his representation on behalf of District Six, Councilman Hardley is employed as a Certified Reality Therapist. His educational credentials include Bachelor’s of Divinity-B.T.H, and a Master Degree, M.A. in Biblical Counseling. In his spare time, he is a personal trainer and prioritizes health, wellness, exercise and proper eating habits. Councilman Hardley has also obtained an advanced counseling diploma and certifications in Clinical Pastoral Education C.P.E.

Councilman Hardley is a support system for the well-being and security of the citizens in the Fairfield Community. He is currently sanctioning several initiatives as a cooperative with the Fairfield Police Department and other entities which promote safety. The main priority on his agenda will be to improve the environment and protection of those who live, work and visit the city of Fairfield.