Coun. John Hackett, Jr.

Fairfield City Council - District Four

Councilor John Hackett, Jr. represents the Fair Oaks and Belwood Communities, and his district also covers parts of Graselli Road, Martin Luther King Drive, Vinesville Road, and Myron Massey.

Councilor Hackett was elected by the Council as President Pro Tempore and is Chair of the Planning & Zoning Committee. He is also a member of Budget & Finance Committee and the Streets, Sanitation, Transportation, Drainage & Utilities Committee. The function of the Planning & Zoning Committee is to make recommendations for all matters emanating from the initiation of economic development projects, board of adjustment requests the granting of variances, transportation and parking strategies, and all other planning and zoning issues in the city of Fairfield. The Planning & Zoning Committee often collaborates with the Regional Planning Commission and other entities that specialize in strategic planning for municipalities.

Councilor Hackett is well versed in many aspects of building construction and engineering with his bachelor’s degree and over 50 years of knowledge, work experience, additional education and certifications in the acquired field. He has a wealth of expertise to offer his committee and the Council, the Planning Commission, the Zoning Commission and the Zoning Board of Adjustments. He is increasingly excited to assist in the institution of a comprehensive plan that is conscious of an economic growth continuum, large scale development needs, the mom and pop business market, and other agencies that would be beneficial to the citizens, Council, to stimulate the economy.