Coun. Cynthia Turner McDowell

Fairfield City Council - District Three

Councilor Cynthia Turner McDowell is the Council Representative for District Three, where you will find the city’s educational institutions most prevalent. District Three is home to C.J. Donald Elementary, Fairfield High Preparatory School, and Miles College. She serves as Chair of Telecommunications Committee and is also a member of the Health, Education, Welfare & Human Resource Committee as well as the Planning & Zoning Committee.

“Having grown up in Fairfield, I can remember its glorious past. It is my goal to fight for Fairfield's recovery and future. My belief is that we must focus on ensuring the safety of our citizens, while seeking economic growth through pursuing new businesses.” “I believe that Fairfield has a bright future ahead. We must look at our present challenges as opportunities for growth. This is an opportunity to market the city and attract new businesses, entrepreneurs as well as families. We must capitalize on our best economic attributes and convince people and agencies to relocate to our city. As city leaders we must discover new ways to meet the needs of every citizen and to highlight the benefits of living in Fairfield.” “Fairfield is like a diamond in the rough waiting to be discovered so it can shine to all those around it. As your council member, I will always remember our past while fighting for a better future for the City of Fairfield.”