Welcome to the City of Fairfield

Welcome to the online home of Fairfield, Alabama! Thank you for stopping by! We encourage you to read about us and by all means contact us with any questions we can answer for you.We are located on the west side of Jefferson County directly adjacent to the city of Birmingham founded in 1910 we were formally incorporated in 1919. Our motto is that we are in an older city moving in a new direction!We are proud to be the home of the state senator Doug Jones And Miles college. We also claim as a part of our heritage said celebrities as Willie Mays, the Controllers, George Lindsay in Cleveland Eaton just to name a few of our hometown heroes.


Fairfield is a city in western Jefferson County, Alabama, United States. It is part of the Birmingham metropolitan area and is located southeast of Pleasant Grove.


The mission of the Fairfield City School System is to educate the whole child to be prepared for college or the workforce.


FAIRFIELD, AL (WBRC) - Michael Henderson’s 50-year music career has included hit songs and collaborations with the likes of Miles Davis, Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye.